Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trying to live in the City




Well, things have not been going as I would like.  We really miss the animals and the quiet.  We are located close to a stop light and the cars with the loud music are more than I can bear.  I really want my quiet road with the clip-clop of horse and buggies again.

Also we are missing out on alot with the animals.  My friend who took the chickens and ducks said that the ducks are laying and setting.  Looks as if he will have some ducklings in another month.  The goat is due to kid any day know and the dog is mopping around the house that took him in.  I would guess that he misses the children. 

The little ones stand out on the porch and cry to go out side but our front steps end on a sidewalk.  No YARD at all.  I feel so bad for them.  I am hoping for a bad summer so they will not be missing out on all of the outdoors.    We had one of the boys crying and wanting to run away and go back home.  Poor kid, this city is home now.

Also the discipline is lacks because we are conected to a bussiness and the last thing I want is someone to report us.  I am just going to have to get over that. 

Also I am the only homemaker in the church.  So the ladies think I do nothing all day long.  Nope me and all six kids just set around while the dishes do themselves, and the laundry magicaly appers in the dressers already clean, and pressed.  The children make all of the food and homeschool themselves. 

I am really not likeing my new life and need to really adjust to being here.


Chas said...

You poor dear. I am sorry you are having a hard time adjusting. I pray that you will have much more happiness with your surroundings SOON!!!



morningsunshine said...

ugh!!! I am hoping things get better for you. I cannot imagine going back to city life, even after only 6 months here!

homesteadinthemaking said...

Without sounding judgemental or cliche, home is where you make it. I live in a beautiful home on 10 acres with horses, dogs, cats, chicks, and a duck. However, I have lived in the middle of Suberbia, as well. If need be, I could go back there because Home is not a place, but a feeling. Being with my family and making sure my children and their father are taken care of is all that matters to me. I encourage you to decide today that you are going to whole heartedly be submissive to your situation and then love the place you are in. It will make a world of difference for everyone around you when you decide to change your situation. It seems bleak but that is just Satan trying to steal your joy. Also, don't worry about those women in the church who think you do nothing. I have found that the ones who have the most to say, would love to be in my shoes. I'll pray for God to give you and your family peace in your time of change.



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