Friday, November 30, 2007

A mothers night out almost ends in disaster


Mamas night out


Well this does not happen often. OK I can not remember the last time I went out alone, not because Mr. Visionary does not encourage this but mostly I just do not avail myself of his encouragement of it. He was finishing his dinner of beef stroganofe, (the beef and it's drained grease play a big part in my night out) when I asked him if he would be ok with the children for a while. He looked at me funny and I said I wanted to go to town by myself. He started to cough on his food. And after he recovered asked me how much money I needed, (maybe I will go out more.)


After the dishes were done and the infant nursed I took off for town. I had a great time talking with God on the way to town. It was also nice just listening to the quiet.


I got the bread I needed and was able to put it where ever I wanted in the cart as the baby would not pat it to death, and the toddler would not trod upon it in the basket.  Then I got material and then I went to look at candles. Oh how nice to be able to sniff the ones I wanted, if I dare take the children down the candle aisle with me they always pick out the ones they like and ask me to sniff them. After about 4-5 different ones they all start smelling the same. Well I picked out a nice cinnamon candle, it was only 1 dollar. Then on to , gasp an aisle filled with GLASS, yes I looked at the pretty dishes they have out for the holidays. Now don't get me wrong the children are not bad at the store, in fact we get MANY compliments on their behavior but there is just something about going to the store by yourself or with 7 children.


I also picked up a flavored coffee, and some doughtnuts for relaxing at home with while my candle was lit.


On to home. I listened to Christmas carols part of the way home and just enjoyed the quiet the rest.


When I got home just Mr. Visionary was up and so I got some hot water going in the microwave and grabbed a coffee cup out of the cupboard for my coffee. Threw the mix in and went to talk with Mr. Visionary. After the water was hot I grabbed a coffee cup from the counter and dumped in my hot water. It looked kind of funny, the coffee was not mixing right and these grease spots where forming on top. I grabbed a spoon and started to stir and up from the bottom of the cup a GLOB of something came to the top. And then I realized what I had done.


When I had drained the beef for supper, (I told you it would come into play) I just threw it in a coffee cup I had on the counter and when I grabbed a cup out of the cupboard for my coffee it just happened to be the same exact kind of cup. I dumped the hot water into the grease cup and not the cup with my mix in it.


I am just so glad I noticed my mistake WITHOUT taking a sip. YUCK


Just proving how badly I needed a night out.



buttons said...

Thanks for entering my drawing!!

morningsunshine said...

my dh does the same when I finally take him up on his offer for a night out. I have friends who say that you should just go and relax when you get out, but there is something sooooo relaxing about going grocery shopping alone. soooo relaxing.

and I am so sorry about your special treat. that is disappointing.

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