Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Candy Game

Here are the answeres to the Candy Game  Scroll down.

Note these are candies, some may be candy bars but they are not all candy bars.

Have fun.


1.Famous Street in New York-------------------


2.The Red Planet---------------------


3; Someone Happy , But not Laughing------------------


4. Favorite Day for Working People--------------------


5. A Galaxy------------------------


6. Can't Hold on to Anything-----------------------


7 Sweet Sign of Affection------------------------


8.  A Famous  Baseball Player-----------------------


9.A doubled Letter of the Alphabet Candy------------------


10 A Happy Cattleman-------------------------


11. A Classic Concert------------------


12. Academic Outcast--------------------


13. Not  a Big Mac-----------------


14. Charlie Brown's Friend.---------------------


15. Sun Explosion------------------------


16. Round Floation Devices


17. A fFeline


18, What Bee's Make----------------


19. Who We By for on Valentine's Day-----------------


20 Triple People-------------------------------

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