Friday, December 21, 2007

Save money Make your own baby wipes

paper towel-.005 per  You have to use bounty for these to work,  Ask me how I know.~sigh~

baby oil-I am still figuring out the cost of the baby oil. With doing the math it said I would only get 14 uses out of one bottle and that comes to a cost of .05 but looking at the bottle I am going to get more than 14 uses.

Shampoo-I am still using up what was given to us at the hospital so it is free.


Container-I bought a really nice one at Wal-mart for 6 dollars. It will last forever as it has a lifetime warranty.


Gather up all your stuff. 

paper towels, baby shampoo, baby oil, Tablespoon, measuring cup, cutting board, knife, and container.



You will need a cutting board and a good knife to cut your paper towel roll in half.


Once you are done cutting it it will look all mutilated on the one edge.  Don't worry about that just stuff it down into your container.


Then mix up your solution for the wipes.  I put 2 Tablespoons of Baby oil, then 2 Tablespoons of shampoo into the measuring cup.  If you do the oil first the shampoo just slides out of the spoon.


If your baby has trouble with rashes add a few drops a tea tree oil.  Start with less than you think you would need.  See how the baby reacts to it first.


Then add water till you come to the 2 cup line.  Mix it up and dump it over the roll of paper towels.  It will not look like all of the paper towels have gotten wet.  Don't worry about that.  Let it set for 10 minutes or so.


You will notice the cardboard roll looks all icky and soggy.  That is just what you want.  Pull on it and it will come out very easily.



When you have gotten the cardboard roll out.  Look for the start of the first towel that was put on the roll.  It will come out from the middle. 



You have just made baby wipes for you sweet little one.







Amanda said...

I am always in need of baby wipes.I don't have any more babies, except for the little one that I care for during the week.I am ALWAYS running out of wipes. I will definately try this the next time I get to the Dollar Tree for supplies!


Amanda <><

Matthew 6:33

Anonymous said...

oops, forgot to sign my name! it was trina :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... how neat... we don't have babies, but always need wipes when we go on trips and such, and finding onces thats aren't all baby powder smelling, and full of weird things is hard!

gabbie427 said...

Wondeful!!!! Thanks you for the recipe and the instructions!

God's Blessings,

Amy Jo

Anonymous said...

I do use the baby wipes and I love them and it saves a ton of money. I do like your idea of the tea tree oil I am going to put it in my next batch. I also like to use the paper towels that are half the size they are great to pull out and fold in half to put in a baby wipe holder for traveling

submisive2him said...

I forgot to post my name I am sorry I was the one to post the last one submisive2him

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd tell you. I just did this same thing but I used those blue automotive paper towels and a mixture of pine-sol and water and used them to clean a greasy stove. It worked REALLY well!


Heart 4 My Home said...

Great tip on the homemade wipes. I love this idea. Thanks you for sharing it.

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