Friday, August 8, 2008

Feminine Friday

It was interesting to me to see the challange issued this week for this topic. I was thinking on what I should post and this just confirmed it.

I am going to say something here that most people do not know about me.

I am an angry mama.

Yes, you heard it here. I scream when I get upset at the children. I also scream when I get frustrated. I grew up with a mother that screamed, and she with a mother that did also, and so on down the line. That is no exscuse but it does explain what I am trying to fight against.

How does this fit in with feminine friday, Have you ever tried to look sweet and lady like while growling at your children? It just does not work at all. I have been so convicted of this for a long time now and have been giving it over to the Lord. Daily asking him to put a watch upon my lips, not just for what I say but also how I say it. I want to have a pleasant expression for my children to remember.

The law of kindness needs to be in my tongue and I need to watch my tone of voice. Speaking softly and sweetly to my children is what I am working on to become more feminine

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