Friday, October 24, 2008

11 Years Ago

Time has really flown by for me. It seems just a short while ago that I was going to the hospital to give birth to our first born. I hope the next 11 years does not fly by the way the first seem to have.
Looking back is so bitter sweet, the first baths, the first diaper changes, (which by the way Mr. Visionary did as I had not had much practice in that). The many sleepless nights. It is a blurr.
Your first steps where taken in the lobby of Malone Hall at Midwestern Baptist College. The dorm students loved to play with you. You were the big man on campus. You also would play with Dr. Malone in his office while I worked in the front office at the college.
Then we traveled for the summer with a tour group for the Academy of the Arts. It was fun and you had a blast taking in all the sites that summer.
Then came the years papa worked with Grandpa at his church and that was also the time you became a big brother. You where in and out of mama's bedroom while your brother was being born. He is you best friend and has been from the minute you got to hold him. Incidently you where not feeling well when he was born and the midwife thought you were going to vomit on your 5 minute old brother.
After a while God called papa to pastor and we packed up everything and moved to Illinois. You loved it there and made some great friends. You still ask how Gage is doing. And talk about the fun you had when you played with him. And you also remember how nervous mama was when you would play on the trampoline. I remember the crying you did the night we left the little town of Atterberry. It was so very sad and nerve wracking not knowing where we were going or what was going to happen. But we also remember how well God took care of us.
You look so fondly at that year of moving from friends to friends. You had a blast at each place. We also got to go back to the world's best library. Miss Jadin you are so great at the children's story hour. It was fun to be with old friends again but Mr. Visionary was ment to preach.
Living in the old church house that we had bought was a great adventure. The auditorium made the best place to have bike races on rainy days. You all loved playing in the cemetary. I loved seeing you all taking turns using the one tombstone for a pulpit ( that reminds me that I need to talk to your sisters).
The the call to move to the great north came. And you were so excited. You have kept such a good spirit with you through out all that has happened up here. You are so fun to be with. You are my dramatic (drama queen like), funny, artistic, not so strong on the common sense child.
I love you and appreciate all that you do for our family. I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for you.

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