Friday, November 7, 2008

Feminine Friday

Ok, this week over at Barefootmama she asked us to post a pregnancy picture.

You would think that having been pregnant seven times, that I would have more pictures. But all I could find is a picture from my very first pregnancy. Here it is.

This was right after my shower for our soon to be little one.

I think it is interesting that she picked a topic like pregnancy. I miss being pregnant but as I have said before we are leaving this all in the Lord's hands. And for now he has chosen to not give us another little one.

Baby's are such a sweet blessing from the Lord.

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Thanks so much


Jamie Stroupe said...

I think that we have a few pictures of you being pregnant, but the problem is, you never look pregnant.


Modest Mama said...

oh my that was so nice. I always feel like a beached whale pregnant.

I saw some of you on a friend of yous blog. You look so cute.

Thanks for reading this morning.

In HIS Keeping,
Mrs. B

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