Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

It has been a while for me. Just been very busy here at our home.
Look for another video of my little one's as our baby boy turned 1 yesterday.
My camera died on me this week. I can not get any of our pictures to download to the computer. It is very frustrating.
But I did get a tackle it Tuesday done.
Have you ever noticed that how clean your kitchen is sets the tone for the entire house. If you kitchen is in order most of the time the rest of your house will be also. Well it was time for a deep clean in the kitchen. I organized the pantry area and got my table all decorated for the harvest season. It looks so AWESOME!!!! I love when it is nice and tidy and the children notice. Makes all of the effort worth it.
When my camera is back and running I will post the before and after pictures.
In the meantime don't forget to vote for this Mrs. B over at http://www.apronqueensreviews.blogspot.com/.
Enjoy your journey,
Mrs. B


Susie said...

I always start cleaning in the kitchen!! It is the epicenter of the home and it all starts there:-) Great tackle:-)

Homesteader in Training said...

I have a little award for you my friend. I hope you come and claim it.

Homesteader in Training said...

Hey Mrs. B. I wanted to answer your question about my signature at the bottom of my posts. You should be able to click on it and it will take you to the site where you can make your own.
Talk to you soon!

Jamie Stroupe said...

Yes, being that my home is very open. Kitchen, living room, and dining room, all one big room, I find it very nice to have my kitchen clean and it sets off the whole room.

I can not wait till your camera is fixed I would love to see the home that you all are living in now.

I wished that we could come up this year but being so far along we just can't make it. Also Andrew is saving time to take a few weeks off with me. That will be nice. The more children that we have the harder it is for me to keep up with the house work.

I would love for you to post a schedule that you may have. I need as much advice as I can get.


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