Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I was so excited to stumble upon this meme. I had wanted something like this for a while, Yes I know I reallllllly like doing the meme's alot.

I am the type of person that works better with a check list and to me the meme's are a great jumping off point for my blog

So on to my random list of thankfulness

1. My Mr. Visionary.

This past sunday was our 12th wedding anniversary. It was so neat to look back and see how far we have come and grown together. Someone once told me that you and your husband should be stonger christians for being together and that has held true for us. I have grown so much as a christian, wife, and mother (I could not have become a mother without him) And I pray the Lord will give us many more years together to become even better for HIM.

2. My Cozy Little Home

I know I have whined about our home being small. But for some odd reason with the changing of the seasons I have changed how I look at our home. It is no longer small it has become cozy. I have been able to get a sewing area started (it has to be torn down until after the church thanksgiving dinner) and a place for me crochet, and knitting. I have also taken the time to decorate and the children have noticed that it is becomeing homey feeling in here. It has become a pleasant place to live.
In HIS Keeping,


Denise said...

Welcome to thankful thursday, so glad you joined us. I enjoyed your list, bless you.

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary to you!

Praising God for coziness and your place to create wonderful gifts for yourself and others!

In His amazing grace,

~*Lisa*~ said...

Happy Anniversary to you. My post was about my husband as well. We will be married 10 years in June! Happy Thankful Thursdays to you. I am new to TT as well! Blessings!

Bonnie said...

Welcome to Thankful Thursdays - glad you found us. It is such a blessing to think through our blessings and read about others. Happy Anniversary and I look forward to reading you more often. Blessings!

Named Alicia said...

Happy Anniversary! I don't know what I would do without my hubby. That's great that you finally have a space of your own. Sometimes that can be hard to find.

I hope you are having a great Thankful Thursday!

Your blog looks great!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

My hubby and I lived in a small space for six years and it was when our family was growing from 1 to 2 to 3 boys in 4 years. I tried really hard (and frugally) to make the space a home and not to resent the things I didn't like about it, but play up the things I did. And it is important to have a space for yourself (even if it is portable)
Have a blessed thanksgiving :-)

Cheryl said...

Welcome! Happy Anniversary and Happy Thankful Thursday. Thanks for sharing your thankfulness today!

Sherrylinn said...

So glad you joined us! I'm fairly new too, and this is my favorite part of the week. Oh, Happy Anniversary! May God Bless you with many more years.

Michele Williams said...

Welcom to thankful Thursday. Happy Anniversary! You have a sweet blog. Thank you for sharing.

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