Monday, May 25, 2009

Never Forget

To many times I think we look at memorial day as the official kick off to the summer season. There are picnics, softball games and BBQ's. We look forward to getting away with family. but what about those whose families are not whole as they have given the ultimate human sacrifice for US.
We need to take the time today and remember the ones who have given so that we can enjoy the freedoms in our country!!
Take the time today to talk to your children about the real meaning of Memorial Day. Thank a soldier for sacrificing for us, and don't forget those who gave their lives.
These are some of the best videos that I have seen. (scroll down to turn off the music first)


Sandra said...

We need to be constantly reminded of the price paid for our freedom.

JTR said...

Hi G-lo! SOrry to leave this here, but I looked for a place to email you all over (even at your forum) and couldn't find it. I am going through all the members of IFB KJV to see if they still have a link code, and yours came up missing, so I was wondering if you still want to be in the blig directory? If the code is on your site, but I missed it, just let me know where. If you need it again, you can get it here:

Natalie said...

Well said.

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