Saturday, May 9, 2009

Today is the day!!!

Well we are off today on a grand adventure. Well that is the way I must think of it. It takes alot to get all 9 of us ready even if it is only for a weekend. We have to be down state for the baby's first visit to the Vascular Surgeon and my DH's parents live only 2o minutes from the hospital that we have been refered to. So we will stay with them and then go in to the doctor's early Monday morning. Pray that all goes well and also our insurance will reimburce us for the cost of the gas to go down but I made a very big oops and did not call them in time to get the paper work that we need. But they said they might be able to fax the papers to the doctor's office for me if I can get the number to them when we get in. So pray that all goes ok as to make this trip we are robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I am also praying that they will be able to find out what is going on with the little guy and his ankles and feet. I pray it is something easy to fix and able to be fixed with non invasive means.

So you all have a great weekend and a wonderful mother's day and I will see ya'll sometime next week.

On a very different note the children asked me what I wanted for mother's day and so I told them this.

They asked if it was cheap as they know that we have not had extra money for anything and I had to snicker and so no but you asked what I wanted and a mama can dream can't she. Maybe someday I will get one of these to help with the cooking for this crew!!!!


Mrs. Trixi said...

I just found your little spot here and am so glad I did. I hope you have a great trip and that the doctor visit goes well. As for the mixer, yes, we all have those dreams.LOL

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Praying for your little one.

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