Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A New Trial

Just when you think you have come through one another pops up to take the last one's place.

I do not remember if I wrote about Bubby's delivery. He was very large and had shoulder dystocia. He spent alot of time in the hospital as he had pneumonia when he was born. And has been slower to do everything than the other children. Also his little feet and to a lesser extent his hands are always discolored. His feet are purplish and puffy most of the time. So the Doc refered us to an allergist. We discovered he is allergic to many different things but the allergist said it was not allergy related. So we then got refered to a vascular doctor.

Just got back on Monday from seeing him and he said it is related to the shoulder dystocia. It is considered a birth injury. His spinal cord got stretched when he was born and it has short circuted his sympathetic nervous system The doctor said it helps regulate his temp system and that is off, which is why his hands and feet are discolored. His body thinks they are cold and needs more blood sent to them when they don't. Also controls his adrenal gland. He is also concerned about his fine motor skills. As they are delayed.

So I called his doctor and she told me she is not sure what to do with him. OH HELP!!! So I called an aunt who is a nurse and googled alot and then called the doctor. I asked to be refered to a Pediatric Neurologist as I feel that is the next logical step to getting him assesed. I would like to know what the extent of the damage is and see what we can do, if anything.

Thanks so much for listening and all of you prayers will be appreciated.


Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Prayers for wisdom on the doctor's part and for speedy referrals and a great peace of mind for you.

You are in our thoughts and prayers here!

Jamie Stroupe said...

There are many prayers coming from the Stroupe home to yours. We will be praying the the Lord will give you peace. I know that in situations like these it is hard and very hard on the mind being this is all you wanna think about. Remember to have faith. Through him all things are possible!!


sarah said...

We will hold your little one up in prayer.

May God comfort your heart, He is the great physician and healer, it is to Him we make our appeal!

He is fully able to deliver and keep your sweet baby.

God bless you today..

The Word of God is the light to our feet in every situation..

Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
(Philippians 4:6-7)

I will be praying!

Ronda said...

Good Mornin my sweet friend,

Please know that I will be praying for the whole situation and for God's hands to provide for you.

Love & Prayers,

Sandra said...

I have never heard of that. It is good for you to look online and find out as much as possible about this before going to another doctor. Praying for you for wisdom and direction and answers!

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