Friday, July 31, 2009

Feminine Friday

Good Morning Sweet Sisters,

It is a beautiful Friday and here and with it being Friday that means it is Feminine Friday!!
I was trying to think about what to post about and while watching my daughters this week I thought I would talk about dress.
Yeah, I know that has all been done before. Well hear me out first.
My oldest daughter is 8 and she is such a sweetie and really has not taken a preference or developed much of a style that is her own. She is comfy in just a skirt and shirt, culottes or a dress. Doesn't really matter much to her. Also should mention though that she is my most prissy girl, wants her hair done and love nail polish and already asking about makeup.
My second daughter is 4 and she certainly has a preference for dressing. The fluffier and the fancier the better for her. She loves when I pick up old flower girl dresses at goodwill or garage sales. She loves dresses that have petticoats in them. But the thing with her is you will find her up a tree in the dress or trying to run over her brother while riding her tricycle. She is not lady like or feminine at all.
And little girl number 3 is something else. She is 3 and keeping any sort of clothing on her is a challenge. If she wears anything it is her bloomers or pj pants. No shirt needed, at least that is what she thinks. I told her the other day to cover up and she put two stickers on her chest and said "There, I covered" I about died laughing.

In all of the differences that these girls have concerning clothing one thing is the same, when it comes time to play "dress up" there will be much haggling over the fancy dresses. The lacy and delicate dresses. To them that is what a lady should wear. In their daily dress are they feminine. Well the second dresses it but she doesn't act it. The Oldest acts feminine but she doesn't dress it. And the third, well I am not sure what I am going to do with here.

To me having watched my girls being feminine is so much more than having a pretty lady like dress on, it is a state of mind that is being comfortable with being a woman, Enjoying being that delicate flower. Women are here to make this harsh world softer and to be more tender and gentle. So today rather than focusing on what I put on I want to focus on my attitude and being the loving, gentle, and tender wife and mother that God calls us ladies to be!!

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Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Been out of touch for a while ... but had a chance to pop in and see how things are in your neck of the woods.

I must tell you I LOVED this post! It made me chuckle and it also helped me remember that femininity is a state of mind ... something I seem to forget, especially when I'm doing, what my upbringing would call, men folk work.

Looking forward to getting home and back into a regular routine ... maybe I'll be able to check in with you more often :D
the other Mrs.B

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