Thursday, September 10, 2009

3 Days to go!!!

We have just a few more days and then will have our little one. One thing you could pray about, well a couple, I just found out that our help is only coming while I am in the hospital. So when I come home with the baby I will be dealing with teh healing of the incision, the baby, and the 3 other little ones. And our last little guy is still such a baby, he still wants to be carried everywhere, so this will be hard on him. We have asked hubbys sister to come and help but not sure if she will or not.

Also pray for the surgery as the doc is a bit concerned about my blood pressure, it is LOW and when they do the spinal block your blood pressure tends to drop more, so she is having blood on stand by for me as she is worried that they will have to do a blood transfusion, I am really worried about that as I don't want to have that done. I am taking some herbal supplements that are boosting my natural blood supply.

I also have alot of sewing I would like to get done, I can not find our burp rags from the last babies so I need to get some sewn up. They are easy to make. Just have to have hubby agree to let me sit at the machine for a bit. And also need to get the childrens sandwich holders done for school.


Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Oh! my dear sister, you are certainly in my prayers. I pray help will come to you as you recover from this surgery. I also pray that the Lord allow you to be effective with time management while you prepare for delivery during these last couple days.
I'm excited for your family's new blessing, can't wait to see the photos!
Mrs.B (the other one)

The Real Me! said...

Have mercy girl! You are going to be busy!! Help is always welcomed when having a baby and I sure hope you find some!!
I'll be praying for you to get things done that need to be done.

Barbara said...

Praying for you Michelle, I know you really have your two hands full, hugs and much love an respect.

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