Friday, April 30, 2010

Busy keeping the home

I have been so busy here around our little home,   Trying to fit 10 people into 100 sq ft is like trying to put a puzzle together with extra pieces.  It some times feels like a lesson in futility.  But that is no reason to give up


Yup that was the living room a while ago.  I took the photo just to show how bad it can get around here.  That was this winter and I was trying to adjust clothing from summer to winter.  Doing that with so many people can get crazy!!!  

I keep telling myself I won't go insane,  but isn't talking to yourself proof you already are there??

But it can be cleaned!!!

Yes,  it is clean,  Hubby moved the piano into the dining room and then I tidied up and tada.  The living room is clean almost clean.   It was nice to see the floor again.

That is what has been keeping me busy here at our home


Judy said...

I cannot imagine how cramped you guys must be. There must never be a dull moment in your home...and the only place you can be alone is the bathroom...IF that's possible. Bless your heart.

Mrs.B said...

~~~I think when they hear the bathroom door close it signals to them that it is time for them to use the restroom also!!!

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