Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Funnies

Oh another meme!!!

I love funnies

So here is mine for the day

This was taken at our home on a baked potatoe night.  It is wasteful to just throw the foil away.  So the rule at our home is you eat your potatoe and wear your foil!!


The Real Me! said...

Oh that is so funny. I like that rule but I usually just oil my potatoes up and throw them in the oven. I may have to use foil just for the fun of it! LOL!
Have a great weekend.

Mrs.B said...

~~Thanks so much for visiting. I told hubby that I wouldn't post his picture, but I do have one for blackmail purposes ;) The kiddo's wanted to have company over for a baked potatoe bar night. Oy, that would be interesting.~~

Judy said...

Very precious!

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