Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Early in the morning

Having been raised as a night owl getting up early in the morning has never been easy.  Most mornings my morning routine consists of shuffling down to the coffee pot and trying not to growl at anyone.  You know it is really bad when your son starts to ask you something and your 5 yo little girl says "not yet, mama hasn't had her coffee."  My Mr.Bookworm learned to make coffee quite sometime ago.  I thought it was cause he wanted to show his love for me.  But now I am thinking it is just a defense mechanism.  

So how does some one go from being so very grumpy, and surly in the morning to being a chipper cheerful morning person.  I haven't the foggiest idea!!!  But I do know how to learn to get up and around and be a normal person in the morning.

But why learn to get up.  Well in our home it is so nice to be able to take that time in the morning and spend time at my Abba's feet.  There is nothing like the quiet and peace of the morning.  And in a family of 10 it is only in the morning that I can find that time.

The how to do it is very hard.  I mean who doesn't like to hit the snooze and snuggle back under the blanket.  I am thinking of heading there again and finishing this later!  Ok not really but that does bring me to one important thing,  as soon as you get up make your bed!!!  (Unless your hubby is still in it,  then you might want to wait till he gets up)  If you bed is all made,  down to the pretty pillows on top then you will be less tempted to crawl back into it.

But the waking up part is harder.  I am the type of person that can hear the alarm and sleep through it.  I mean it will eventually turn itself off!!  And then you can sleep until the toddler comes and pokes you in the forehead saying he is hungry.  Because you do get used to the sound of alarms I have found that using my cell phone for an alarm works really well.  I can change the sound of the alarm.  I do that about twice a month.  Right now it is on a really annoying old fashioned sounding phone ring.  Would drive anyone up a wall,  which is what I need. The other great thing about using my cell phone is I can put it where ever.  So it is not easily accessible to just smack at and roll over and go to sleep.  I put the phone down the hallway.  But the thing that really gets me moving to turn it off is it is where it will wake all the kids up if I don't get to it.  I mean who really wants to wake up 8 kids at 5 in the morning and have to deal with them.  

Getting up and having to actually get down the hallway forces me to start my day.  Oh yes I am still tempted to crawl back into bed but it is a much smaller temptation and being as I am right by the kitchen already and smelling my coffee well might as well get my cup.  My dear hubby bought me a coffee maker that I can get ready at night and have my coffee ready for me in the morning.  I also have one splurge in our grocery budget and that is fresh ground coffee for mama!!  It is some of the most delicious coffee ever.  

Then I put on my CD of Steve Green called Morning Light.  And with that softly playing in the background, my coffee on my table and my Bible in hand I am ready to start my day


Ronda said...

Good Morning Mrs. B.

Oh Sister do I understand about the need for coffee 1st thing in the am. I for the most part am an early, and fairly happy riser in the morning, it just takes my bones and joints a while to function. However without my coffee.......things can get dangerous for others in the house....LOL.

Love & Prayers,

busymomof10 said...

I love this post! I am more of a morning person, but as I get older, I am finding it harder to get up early in the morning! Maybe that is because my house is full of young adults that think life is to be lived between 9 pm and midnight, while I always thought those hours were for sleeping! :)

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Hi Mrs. B,

Making the bed 1st thing is a MUST for me, otherwise like you, I'm too tempted to crawl back in ...

It is so nice that you've found some time to post again. I've enjoyed your recent entries.

(the other one)

kanishk said...

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