Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey what is going on

What is going on with our family.  Sometimes it does seem like we are in a constant state of change.  But is that really a bad thing.  Life is a journey and if you are standing still your journey might be over.  

But for our journey it seems we are always moving.  And it is moving time again.  

As most of you know our church merged and hubby no longer was pastoring.  We then had a year of just being members in a church.  I say just because it was different after hubby had pastored.  But I found that I LOVE taking care of and being an encouragement to the pastor and his family.  Please, don't think I didn't encourage my hubby but it is different when the pastor isn't your hubby or father in law.  

Well our church went through some MAJOR trouble.  It was just awful and for a while I was DONE with church.  (that is for another post, still very hurt)

I think when you go through something like this you wonder where God is and what is going on.  We stayed at the church and weathered the storm.  And prayed and clung tightly to the fact that God was with us in the storm and would bring us through.  And just when it seemed so very dark God started to move.

We had visited a church that was over an hour a way from us and we visited again.  And had some contact with the pastor.  It is a wonderful church and one thing that was so great was to hear my children who had gotten so hurt through all the mess at our old church start talking about church without dread again.  

I had taken our children out for the day and overheard them chatting about the church. It was wonderful to hear them.  My heart rejoiced to hear them excited about church and going to church again.  They talked about how they loved the music there and how the spirit was wonderful at the church.   They were also able to be in Sunday School classes that their siblings were not in and to them that was so cool.  I was so excited.

But the drive was not something I looked or do look forward to every church day.

It is hard on everyone.  And then on Sunday afternoon's we stay at the church just to save time and money and still be there for Sunday night.  The kids have choirs they are in and they LOVE that also.

So hubby put in for a job transfer to the Walmart over there.  He was told not to expect to get the transfer as he had some marks on his record.  Mostly from taking time to help after the baby was born.  

                                            Today I was woken up with a phone call.

Hubby was calling to say his transfer went through!!!

He is so good to us.  

We have a home picked out already just have to finish up a few things with the financing and then place our offer.  God has been so amazing with all of this already.  I  KNOW he will show us the way and work this all out for our good and his glory!!

Please do keep praying for us as we try to get everything worked out.

We are trying to either sell or rent our home here.

And we also have one MAJOR prayer request come up just Saturday.  I am not at liberty to give all details but please do pray that the people involved will do the right thing.  They are Christians and I am praying they behave as a Christian should in this situation. 

But through all that has happened to our family God is always faithful!!

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