Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursdays 5

Good morning everyone, it's time for Thursday Five again! Don't have any clue what I'm talking about? Well it's only the best meme ever! All you have to do is think about everything that made you feel any of the five words below. Then just lsit them as I have below & come back here to link up using the linky at the bottom so everyone can share their happy thoughts! It's a great way to reflect on the week (even if it wasn't so great) and try to make the best of it! I tried to change things up this week so I hope you all enjoy it just as much!So grab a button and link up.

Main Entry: joy·ous
Pronunciation: \ˈjȯi-əs\
Function: adjective
: experiencing, causing, or showing joy
Main Entry: ju·bi·lant
Pronunciation: \ˈjü-bə-lənt\
Function: adjective
: filled with or expressing great joy or triumph

Main Entry: ex·u·ber·ant
Pronunciation: \-b(ə-)rənt\
Function: adjective
2 a : joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic

Main Entry: thank·ful
Pronunciation: \ˈthaŋk-fəl\
Function: adjective
1 : conscious of benefit received

Main Entry: mer·ry
Pronunciation: \ˈmer-ē, ˈme-rē\
Function: adjective
2 : full of gaiety or high spirits

1.  So thankful for a wonderful church

2.  Knowing that God has something wonderful for us and wants to get glory through our lives.

3.  My wonderful, happy, funny children

4.  Friends!!!

5.  God working our move out!!!


Jen said...

That is a wonderful list! I love the look of your blog! Have a wonderful day. Oh and the pork roast was great!!

Mrs. Gambizzle said...

THanks for linking up :) I always love to hear children laugh it makes everything better!

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