Saturday, August 21, 2010

Long year

It is that time of year again.

My Birthday!!

Time goes by so fast now. 

And once again we are looking to moving.  We seem to do that on a regular basis.  But my Lord knows what he is doing.  He has provided my honey an amazing job and a great church that will help us raise our children.  

So as my b-day comes this year I am searching for a home online.  I know my father has it all picked out and know where it is,  I am just waiting for him to show us!!

And now we are also entering another phase of parenting with our children.  The teen years.  It has happened so fast.  I am 32 and in 2 months will have a 13 year old.  Seems so unreal.

Also we have our youngest who is turning 1 next month.  
It seems like I was just on bedrest waiting very impatiently for her to be born.

Last year for my b-day dinner we had a seafood feast and had our pastor and his wife over.  The kids had helped to pick out a sweet baby cake for me!!  
So much has happened in this last year. 

Today I am waiting for my honey to come home so I can celebrate with him!!

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