Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Book Review~Saint Francis

Saint Francis
Christian Encounters Series
By Robert West

I have reviewed other books in this series and this particular book was a great disappointment.  The style of writing did not hold your attention well at all.  I found the book tedious to read and hard to follow.  Time line jumped around a lot and that made it even harder to follow.  It was a book that I probably won't ever read again.  On the plus side it did have many recourses listed.  If I am ever interested in learning more about Francis of Assisi I will use his recourse list to find another book to read.

It was also very sad to read as the entire premise of Francis of Assisi' order was a works based salvation.  To read about his "conversion" which was little more than a vow of poverty and self mortification was hard to endure as it was a false conversion.  To read about his compassion for animals and concern for the earth was interesting.  He did have a lot of gumption to go and preach to the Muslim's in the Holy Land.


Michelle said...

Thank you for reviewing this one.
I was wondering about it and now I know I probably would not want to read it.

Candra Georgi said...

found your blog. thank you---i saw these books the other day.


Michelle said...

Hi Mrs. B,

I'm stopping by to let you know I have an award for you on my blog.
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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