Thursday, November 11, 2010

More on the Duggars?

I so love that blogger will email me and let me know when people comment on my blog.  

I am deleting any comments that are made with out a name attached to them.  You can comment here without having a google account if you use the anonymous option but now that if you don't sign your name your comment will get deleted.

When I posted a while back on why I am not like the Duggars I did not expect a lash back over it.  I mean come on,  it is my blog and I can explain why I am not like them and what I think.  That is the lovely thing about the blog.  And to those who say it is none of my business anyway, well when they decided to put their family in the national spotlight it became the nations business.  Really they chose the attention and both good and bad come of it.  

But this post will be to answer some of those questions that random unnamed people have made.
(And if you read this and would like to leave your name feel free)

I am getting so not appreciating that every time I go out with my small brood of 8 I get comments on how I must LOVE the Duggar show and follow what they do.  And who has which buddy and what child is responsible for which other one.  Ok just because I have the children hold hands in the store does not mean they are responsible for each other.  I have them hold hands so they won't be grabbing at stuff off the shelves.  And just because I ask an older child to please get so and so's shoes on them before we go somewhere does not mean they are raising each other.  It just means mom is getting the baby dressed, or changing a diaper, or wiping someone else's nose.  Just means I am busy and need something done.  I have taught the older children how to help so they will know what needs to be done around there homes later on.  There was a time that having each of the older children responsible for a younger sounded appealing.   I mean who wouldn't love that.  Have a ton of children and still be able to spend your days playing with the babies or just resting and nursing.  Not nursing one baby, reading a book to a toddler and trying to answer math questions for an older child.  But for all the appeal that concept, older children being responsible for the younger is not biblical.  The Bible tells the Parents to bring the children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  It talks of the MAN who has his quiver full being happy.   Not the brother or sister who is responsible for younger siblings being happy.  I found that was a way to break the harmony of the home.  The home is out of order when the siblings are responsible for the younger ones.

Now before you get all upset at me and think I am not training my children step back.  My girlies are learning to cook, clean, do the laundry etc but they are learning it from ME.  Not an older sister.  The girls LOVE to be in the kitchen with mama and they are all bouncing around trying to help, hence some pretty lopsided cakes here.  But they like to do it cause they get to not because they have to.  Oh we all have chores to help out around the house being as it is a home for all of us but the rearing of the children,  well that is mama and papa's realm.  As that realm was given to me and my hubby.  Not me, hubby and any of the children.

Secondly to those who say well they can have as many children as they want as they are not taking government assistance.  First off unless the new Obama care is repealed I would not yelp to loudly about that as everyone will be on government assistance here soon.  But most people seem to forget that Mr. Duggar served in the Arkansas legislature.   So any money he gets from that time of service is coming out of the tax payers pockets.  Yup government assistance.  But he worked for it.  Most people who have taken government assistance did not take it because they were lazy, oh I am sure there are people out there who sit on their duff and feed off the system but for someone who is working hard and just can't make it, well that is what it is there for.  And then when they are able to get off of it, then they get to know that they are helping someone else out who is struggling just as they did.  Also they have declared their home a place of worship.  How many other people come out for church?  Or is it a congregation of one family?  I do devotions with the kids each day here.  Can I declare my home a place of worship?  We worship God daily here.  But to me that is just as much an abuse of the system as a man who can work but chooses not to and takes welfare.

If I have forgotten any of the questions or comments that where posted, I am sorry.  But if they are important enough just leave a comment and this time post your name and I will be happy to answer why we are NOT a Duggar type of family.


Mary H said...

I think what you wrote was very precise and to the point, and no one should ever compare you to anyone. We are not supposed to be like that, we are not supposed to be judge people. Right? Strangers have no idea what your life is like, how you do your daily routines, or even your spiritual beliefs. As far as strangers go, I wouldn't give them a second thought. Shrug them off, smile politely, whatever. People you know, if they really know you, should know better than to compare you to anyone. I think you are doing a marvelous job, even though I am nowhere near where you are (geographically) and I have never personally met you. I can tell you, that reading your blog, your stories, gives me inspiration, and it is uplifting. And I love that you are a devoted family to the Lord. I strive to have my family to be more like that, and no, I am not comparing my family to yours. We are totally 2 different families. We can admire others, though, so long as we don't get jealous!! lol
Lord knows, no one will be jealous over what goes on in my house!! LOL!!!

Lisa said...

THANK you for that post. Well said!

Anonymous said...

I guess I missed the first post on this.

It is so funny how people compare large families to the Duggar's.

I agree with a lot you wrote.

Ronda said...

Had to remove the first one cause...I just can't spell well early in the am...LOL

Well said sister! Precise and to the point.

FYI, I had to "announce" a very long time ago that, annonymous comments WILL BE DELETED!
Many of those people who will not be honest about who they are, are just using their anonymity also as a way to stir up trouble! SO, I ignor them, and DELETE them right away.

I have found that this has stopped ALL of those nasty comments and from any future trouble being stirred up.

Bravo on your post.

PS...I am one of those women who deeply with in, ENVY large families. We wanted a large family, and tried for one, yet, I have two wonderful children here, and 6 in heaven....that's 8 all together. So...i merely wait until I "GET HOME" to see them all!

I adore you and what you stand for.

Love & Prayers,
Have A Peachy Keen Day!

GossipHater said...
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Melissa G. said...

Well said!

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