Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A New Baby Boy


  9 lbs 14 oz    21 3/4" long

Wow was this an interesting labor.  It started on the 5th of November and was an off and on labor.  The midwife kept coming out and then labor would stall.  I had good labor pains in the evenings and then would wake up with nothing going on.  Finally on Friday and stalled at 6 cm.  The midwife sent us to the hospital.  When we got there they admitted me and said we had three options. 

1. Labor on my own and see what happened.

2. Could start a pitocin drip and go from there.

3. C-section.

Well since I was not progressing well I did not want to labor on my own.  We asked to have an unltrasound done to make sure the baby was not tangled in the cord, as I have really long cords, and the baby had not yet dropped.  Well all looked ok in the unltrasound so we went with the pitocin.

I had an epidural put in as pitocin is so hard on you.  Things went well until I got to 9 cm.  Then I did not progress any more.  So the Dr. streched the cervix during the contractions and got it over the babys head, glad I had the epidural.  Then after the babys head was out she had me stop so she could suction him out.  Then his shoulders got stuck for a moment, I think it was because of stopping, we lost the mometum.  Anyhow he was doing OK but not as good as they would like so they took his oxeygen levels and it was at 92.  So into the NICU unit he went and was on oxeygen.  He went up to 98. 

Then came the x-ray and the blood test, After three of those they decided on Sunday that he had pneumonia in one lung and he would have to stay the week at the hospital for antibiotics.  So mama camped out,  they moved me three times because of space issues.  I ended up spending the last two nights in a room that was tiny.  My DH came and asked why I was in a closet.

I was just glad to be able to stay with Bubby.  So after three IV's, I do not know how many pokes for blood work,  and 4 x-rays, we are HOME, and so happy to be so.

Has it really been 3 years.  That seems so long ago. This little bubby has turned into a bundle of fun little man. Oh how we love him.  He can be stubborn and trying at times but oh how much joy he has brought into our home.

Happy Birthday My Little Man!!!


homesteadinthemaking said...

He is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!!



UnlikelyHomesteader said...

How precious! He looks absolutely perfect, you'd never know the trouble it took you to get him here!


morningsunshine said...

good heavens he is big! LOL! no wonder he had a hard time. I am glad you are both home and doing well. congratulations!!!

stitchnchick said...

Congratulations! He sure is beautiful~ another precious blessing to be thankful for this week. :o)


specialmom42000 said...

Congratulations...what a cutie pie. I just want to cuddle and kiss! Poor baby to start life so sick. But praises to God that he is well and safe at home!

Blessings, Kelly in MI

Ronda said...

What a precious little blessing you have been given. He is adorably perfect!

I hope and pray you are feeling well my dear. Take care of yourself.

Love & Prayers for both of you,

The Real Me! said...

Not exactly your dream birth huh? But at least he is now home and healthy and BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats my friend. He is just precious.

Have a glorious day! And Happy Birthday to your other little man!

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