Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Funnies

Well for christmas my honey got our 2 oldest girls kittens,  well they are 7 months old,  well able to handle all the loving the little girls give them.

Both cats are males and so we needed a set of names for them.  Felix and  Oscar won for names,  Mostly cause that is what mama said they would be.  And like the odd couple these cats are night and day.  

Felix is into everything and always around.  Oscar is a grouch and wants to be left alone.  He will tolerate the playing and holding but he is normally not to be found.  Both of them have decided that my bedroom is the place to sleep and they LOVE the window sills.

So how is all of this funny.  Well I do my Bible reading in my bed and use the window sill as a cup holder for my coffee.  I normally get moving and forget the coffee cup up there,  Hubby has asked over and over for me to learn to put the cup back in the kitchen.  Well 2 nights ago while I was blissfully sleeping Oscar decided to jump into the window sill and he tipped a coffee cup over onto me!!!!  Now it kinda slid down the back of my head and landed on the pillow and bed.  It would have been ok except it was full of COLD coffee,  Nothing like being awakened at 1 with a cupfull of cold coffee running down your back!  

I cleaned everything up and the next morning while getting all the kids around my 11yo son gave me a hug and said
"Mama you smell nice.........

JUST LIKE COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I about died laughing.  He thought I lost it.
Poor kid.

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Friday Funnies


The Real Me! said...

Oh that's funny! I think they should make coffee scented perfume. LOL!

Have a super day.

Saleslady371 said...

This is funny, Mrs. B! I'm afraid you win this Friday!!!!

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