Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 Days about me~Day 17

What Makes You Insecure? What Are Your Proud Of?

The biggest thing I am insecure about is my parenting.  I so want to be a good mother and have my children all turn out well.  I want them to love the Lord with all of their beings.  That to me is the most important thing and I worry so often that I will fail at this.  The biggest comfort is being able to go to my Abba,  grab a hold of the hem of his garment while in prayer and beg him for his help to raise my children.

Now as to what I am proud of,  that is much harder.  I am really not sure,  I guess it would have to be my ability to cook.  I can't do much but I can fatten anyone up.  Love to be in the kitchen and making yummy meals for my family.  I tend to cook normal country food,  fried chicken,  biscuits and gravy.  that type of food.  Oh so yummy!

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30 Days About Me


Kerry said...

aaawwww - I picked my kids too :) And I love fried chicken!!!!!

chili pepper said...

I would love to be able to make good fried chicken and biscuits. Though, I can cook very well, us Italians never learn those skills. Growing up in the country of Maryland, I've even my share of good chicken and biscuits but never mastered the art.

I think any good parent, has a lot of insecurities about their parenting abilities. It keeps one always striving to be better and more like our heavenly Father in our parenting skills.

Keep improving and never be content with where you are in that growth and you will always be a good parent, as good as we get on their earth, anyway.


Lisa said...

Ah Michelle I had no idea! I would have thought your parenting skills would have been what you were most proud of! Everytime I have seen your family I always think how great it is...Everything about them and you and hubby are amazing. I thank the Lord all the time for you. :) If it wasn't for you and the time you invested teaching me I wouldn't be who I am today! THANK YOU!!!

Ronda said...

Mornin Mrs. B,

What am I insecure about....a few things in my marriage still, as we continue to "rebuild" and "strengthen" it. We have been recovering from a difficult time for the last three years. I am still insecure in many ways, and I am learning how to trust again. Hard...very hard! Yet with my sweet Lord nothing is impossible!

What am I proud of many things marriage! Not giving up, fighting for it, learning how to be patient with my husband as he goes through some middle aged difficulties. Proud that none of our problems included infidelity, drugs, drinking, or other things of that sort. It has mostly been issues of the heart and mind. Proud that my precious Lord has been MY Marriage Counselor, when no-one else could help! Proud of God's grace and mercy to mend even the smallest of marital issues!

These two things have been and are in the fore front of my heart, mind and soul for the past few years. I rarely EVER speak about it...for many reasons, yet, your post about insecurity and pride causes me to be honest. I am insecure about many things, and proud of many things such as my two fab kids, yet of late my marriage and God's restoration would have to be at the top!

Thank You Lord!

Have a Peachy Keen Day Mrs. B.

Love & Prayers,

Mrs.B said...

Kerry~ Gotta love those kids

Kat~Fried chicken is sooo easy to make

Lisa~I see where I want the kids to be and it is so far from where they are.

Rhonda~So happy things are working out. Our heavenly Father is good to us!

Becca said...

Oooh I wish I had that much positivity (is that a word?) about my cooking skills.

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