Friday, August 19, 2011

30 Days about me~Day 18


Now who doesn't like talking about a wedding.  
Ok,  maybe me,  I am not big on huge weddings.  So hubby and I had a super small wedding and spent under 300 for the wedding.  Dresses we got at resale shop,  and we did most everything ourselves.  We said when we have been together for a while and have earned it we are gonna have our big wedding at our renewal.  But anyhow here are a couple pics of our wedding,  (did I mention we skipped a photographer)

Wow,  I need to dig through my photos and upload some more,

Now onto the future wedding.  I know what I want for that.
We had an autumn wedding and the colors of fall are my favorite.  When we do the renewal I want any attendants to be in black floor length skirts,  with shirts that have 3/4 length sleves in different fall colors.  
The flowers will be autumn colors also

I have oddles of ideas for the table settings as autumn lends it self to such a beautiful display of color.
Probably something with mums and pumpkins

And wedding cake

but add flowers in our colors to it

And the dress,  I know what I want but am having a super hard time finding it,  Something like this,  but I will probably end up making it myself


Lisa said...

I love the fall idea!!!! Going to be so beautiful!!!! Make sure you give us plenty of notice when this renewal is so we can be in would only be fair ;)

Kerry said...

Wow such gorgeous ideas and THAT DRESS!!!! woohoooo!!

Mrs.B said...

Lisa, it is gonna be on our 24th anniversary, that is 10 years from this november!

Kerry~Thanks, the dress is similar to what I have in mind, closest I can find.

Martha in PA said...

Great ideas for your renewal! I love fall too!

I too had a really small wedding.
Mom on Caffeine

Toni said...

I too want a big shebang for our renewal, our first wedding was small and perfect. LOVE the flower colors. I am wanting to do ours on the beach but colors have yet to be chosen LOL>

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