Tuesday, November 15, 2011

15 Years Together

Wow,  has time flown by or what,  Ben and I got to get away overnight for our 15th wedding anniversary.  It is actually tomorrow but we went out over Sunday and Monday.  And we were so excited to just get away and be a couple again,  and not Mama and Papa.

Our sitter came over Sunday afternoon and as soon as we could we bolted!!!  Yes when you are leaving behind 8 kids with one person you leave before they have a chance to change their minds.

We decided to go out to Traverse City as it is fairly close and we had not been over there yet.  It is so beautiful over there.  And the bay is gorgeous.  We wanted to get a hotel on the bay and had seen a couple hotels on line that fit what we were looking for.  We settled on the Cherry Tree Inn and Suites.  And I loved our room.  It had a balcony over looking the bay and being 5 stories up it was a beautiful view.  The fireplace was so cozy especially this time of year.  And the in room jacuzzi was just what my hubby wanted.  So the room was a perfect fit.

We got settled in and then went out to dinner.  Nothing fancy just the Outback.  We have no really interesting restarants where we are so this was nice.  We sat and chatted for a long time.  I loved the relaxed time.  No rushing to get anywhere.  That was lovely.

The next morning hubby and I did our devotions together in front of the fireplace and I think that was my favorite part of all.  Just sitting together with my best friend reading our Bibles and drinking coffee
while holding hands.  It was perfect.

After breakfast we went out onto the balcony and feed the seagulls.  That was a riot!!!

We then went to the mall!!!  Yeah we don't have any where we live so that really was a treat.  I was very disappointed that Christopher and Banks no longer carries jumpers and that they didn't have any skirts either.  The very nice lady there said they have had a lot of comments about the lack of skirts and have let the ordering people know!!  While I was in the store I had an incident.  It is always me,  at least hubby says that.  I was taking my time and an elderly lady wanted to know about a price on an item.  And she said she thought I worked there.  I said I did not and that I was on my anniversary trip and I was enjoying all the time I could as I had eight children back home to care for.  And then it happened.  She was so sweet and said "Oh you have eight.  Then you have heard about the lady who is on her twentieth,  you must really like that family.  What do you think of them?"  And so I told here and I'll blog about my response later!!

After the mall we took a lesiurly trip home and stopped for Chinese for dinner.

I was so excited to have some wonderful one on one time with my hubby who is my best friend and the love of my life.  I am so blessed to be able to call him my beloved!


The Real Me! said...

That sounds like SO much fun. Don't you just love it when your hubby is your best friend? That's the way marriage should be. It's sad that people just don't get it.
Your room looks very cozy and I can't wait to hear your response to the gal about the kids.
Have a lovely day my friend.

Mrs.B said...

Thanks Kim, the room was wonderful, and it was super quiet, I think I liked that the best of all!!!

In HIS Keeping,

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