Saturday, November 12, 2011

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Lyrics for 
God's people stood on the river of Jordan
Looking back on the water they had passed through
They shouted and raised their voices to heaven
But Joshua said there's one thing we must do

VS 2
They laid twelve stones on the banks of the river
At Gilgal they offered their tribute that day
Their children would question them "what are these stones?"
"Child they mark the spot of this sanctified day"
Where are the monuments we should be leaving
so our children can find the way to get home
We should be laying stones so they can follow 
the pathway that leads to God's throne.
VS 3
Mothers and fathers of this generation
there's hope for your family keep this in mind
Don't move the landmarks set up for your children
they will find the way by what we've left behind.

What a wonderful message for us.  What are we holding up as monuments for our children?

1 comment:

Nana Jul said...

That is an awesome I haven't heard before...but one we do every memorial day..we paint rocks and write what God has done for us on them.
Thanks for posting.
Happy Saturday! Julie

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