Friday, November 11, 2011

What's in your blog?

So why do you blog?

 I have been thinking about this for some time.  What is the purpose of my blog?

I have read oodles of blogs and I have found many different types.  Some blogs seem they are there to make the writer look good.  These are the bloggers that show the perfect home, kids, and family.  They can be fun to read and yet depressing at times,  as we all try to measure up,  even though we know we are not supposed to do that.

Then there are blogs that seem to be out for the sole purpose of collecting readers.  I am guilty of trying to do this,  I had no hope of ever being a Miss Perfect blogger.  But collect readers,  that I could try.  But then I got busy with life here at our home and once you do not post every day your readership tends to suffer.  When I could not get readers back well I stopped blogging.

Another type of Blog is the giveaway type.  I LOVE giveaways and have won some wonderful items but I was a HUGE failure at getting sponsors for any types of giveaways.  A similar type of Blog as giveaway blogs is the book review blog.  I did that for a while but once again I slipped in posting timely reviews of my books.  Sigh,  just not my type of thing I guess.

So what are we left with?  We are left with a family blog.  You will read here about our happenings and going ons.  This is a journal of what is going on in my family.  I took some time yesterday to just reread some post about the happenings around my house and was so glad I had taken the time to get them recorded.   You may not learn much,  you sure won't find a perfect family here, and I am really not sure if you will ever see a giveaway posted here.  I will never make money from this blog but you will read about my children our family and what God is doing for us.

You will read about......

14 year old Mr. Bookworm,  he loves to read but has expanded into doing computer graphics.  I think I am the only mother whose son has made a map of the lands you find in the Redwall books.  He is working on reconstructing the Abbey with computer graphics.

Mr. Fix-it is next in line,  He is almost 12 and I tend to lean on him.  He is my right hand man.  Has a tender heart and can fix almost anything that breaks around here.

Miss Princess is exactly as her name describes her.  She is a sometimes moody, sometimes sweet girl of 10.  She loves to dance and is currently learning to play the violin and piano.

Then we have my Professor.  Boy he is a smart cookie.  He is 8 but he and Miss Princess are in the same grade,  and he helps her when she gets stuck with her work.  But this is the kid that will run around the house trying to find his glasses when they are on his face!

Miss Sweet Pea is 7 and is Mr. Fix-it's twin,  5 years apart,  they were born on the same day and she has been such a sweet little girl.  Can be stubborn at times and yet under it all is a very sweet nature.

Miss Sunshine is 5 and I just know she is not mine!!!  She gets up at 6:30 and starts her day singing.  She is a bundle of joy.  Such a fun little girl to be around.

Bubby is next,  and he is all boy!!  Just turned 4 and he is gonna be responsible for every gray hair I ever get!  He is always go, go, go.  He loves Thomas the Tank Engine and cinders and ashes some days I am ready to put sugar in his fire box.

The Baby,  ok I need to get her a new nick name cause she won't be a baby for to much longer,  is 2.  And she is the sweetheart of the family.  She is adorable and she knows it.  She will chatter your ear off.

Those are my children.  That is what I am busy with. My Family

My hubby and I have been married for 15 years and are more in love than before.  He is my best friend and the most amazing man ever!

I do pray that you will be blessed and uplifted when you visit here.  And if I have no readers or oodles of them I need to blog.  So I can look back and see what God is doing for us.

So why do you blog?


The Real Me! said...

I like your blog because I like you. I don't care what you post. Though I may not have the time to read every post, I certainly do know that you are here and enjoy what I do read.
My blog is probably a little bit of most everything you described up there. For a long time I had no idea what my blog was about and then someone said it's to bring smiles on people's faces and I was good with that.
So I stopped worrying about content and just blogged what was going down on the ol' homestead and that's what you get. LOL!
Just keep pressing away at it. I've learned that it's the quality of readers you need, not the quantity. I know my blog looks like it's got lots of people attached to it but I only average about 5 comments a day, but I don't let it bother me any more. I just blog what I want to blog and if they leave a comment that's a bonus.
So there you have it. My rambles. Shoot, it's almost as long as your post. LOL!

Saleslady371 said...

Your family is beautiful. I've got two blogs a recipe blog and an inspirational blog. I love encouragement! I love Jesus and you hit the nail on the head...record it. I want some of these lessons I'm learning to be recorded. My kids read my blog and they know what's happening in my corner of the world!

Mrs.B said...

Kim~Thanks so much, I get so much encouragement from your blog. And it never fails to make me smile!

Saleslady~We need to record those memories. I know I have a tendency to only remember the bad things

Linda said...

Well, since your blog is "A Home Keepers Journey" I think the best thing to do is to write about your life with your beautiful kids! To me this is a wonderful way to keep track of what happens in all of your lives! I enjoy reading blogs about families and I also like to pray for the people that I follow. To me it is a ministry. (:>)

My blog may be boring to some, since I share the life of a retired couple. But I also tell of the joys of grandparenting.

I like to write poems and to share my faith too. And blogging has brought many special people into my life, and I consider them friends. Many have prayed for me...and as I said, my husband and I enjoy praying for others. We have seen many answers to our prayers.

May the Lord give you a lovely day!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Ronda said...

I guess my blog is kind of a hodge-podge of my family, happenings in my/our life & all the things that go on in side of my head, heart, and soul.

I just try to put into words all the random things that are me, and what I go through, and what God is doing or has done in every situation of my/our life.

I adore your blog because it's YOU! It's about your family, daily happenings, and such. Everything you put into word is wonderful to absorb.

Thank you for sharing this post.
Your description of the "types" of blogs was "bang on" & I too sorta fell into the trap of trying to obtain this or that through my blog and tried to keep up with others. THEN I realized it wasnt as fun any more and it's wasn't ME! So, I blog when I can, and it's usually an honest, straight from the head and heart and home kinda thing. Nothing fancy....just me!

Love & Prayers

chili pepper said...

Not sure how I ended up at this post. Thought it was neat that you have 3 boys and 5 girls, same as us. I love the way you describe the different blog styles... that is so true. Ha! I agree, if you are looking at perfect, don't stop by our house or my blog. But if you want to talk about the Lord and toss some great ideas around, please sit and have a cup of coffee with me.



chili pepper said...

Also, my hubby and I celebrated 15 years of marital bliss last year, too.

Love the girls dresses, by the way. We always aim for more classic styles when dressing our children.

Hugs, again.

Mrs.B said...

Kat. Thanks for the comments
Actually it is 4 boys and 4 girls

A visit and cup of coffee sound wonderful

Journeying with Joy
Mrs B

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