Monday, February 27, 2012

Such a bad mother

It is so odd the things that come up that make my mouth drop and think "Am I being a bad mother?"

So the first thing came up when we were playing a card game of phase 10. One of those boys mentioned he had heard of a Dr Dray. And wanted to know what his specialty was. I sat there and thought and thought and I had also heard the name but could not remember what this doctors specialty was. I looked at my husband and said the doctor must be good at whatever he does because I know I had heard of home before. My hubby started to laugh and laugh at us.

He finally composed himself and said the "doctor" is actually a rapper. Oy!!!!!

Then Sunday night the boys said the youth group pastor had mentioned how sad it was that some kids had to be latch key kids. They then told us some other things from youth group. When they paused I asked them if they knew what a latch key kid was. Nope neither the 14yo or the 12yo had any idea.

So then I kept thinking that maybe they were a bit sheltered. But really is that such a bad thing? Is not knowing who Dr Dre is or what a latch key kid is, is that really a bad thing that will scar them for life?

Is being sheltered really a bad thing?

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Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Is being sheltered a really a bad thing? ... imo - NO! I think our children will find out soon enough just how sick, slimy and backwards our society has become ... let them enjoy their childhood, after all they only have one opportunity to be a kid.

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