Thursday, March 1, 2012

Potty training

We are in the middle of training out 4 year old. Yes I know he is older. I have found that the boys are very hard to train. So we are using the time tested method of bribery. If he goes potty he gets a dum dum. If the older kids take him they also get a sucker. So he has been taken frequently and that seems to be helping. When he is all the way trained. No misshaps for one week we are going to a Chinese buffet.

The progress he is making is so good but he other day we had a near disaster.

I was getting the dishes done and the little people were playing. I heard Bubby holler

B-mama come look at this
M-I am busy
B-I want you to see this
M-my hands are wet. Bring it to me
B-(pause) but... It is my poop in the potty

Got to love toilet training

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