Saturday, April 1, 2006

Another day in the Fish Bowl

Well as you can see today is our day for cleaning.  I am getting alot done.  I have the children doing chores also.  It takes more time to teach them at the begining but they are becoming great helpers.  I love to have them working with me. 

Miss Princess, who is 4, and Miss Busy, who is 16 months do most of the laundry. Miss Princess  sorts it all.  I have a divided hamper and each color goes in the some spot each time.  She sorts darks, lights, and whites.  She thinks this is a fun game.  Then I put a load in the wash, she can not reach yet.  After it is done I put it in a basket and she takes it to the dryer.  There Ruth Anne puts it in with Miss Princess s help.  Miss Princess knows how to turn the dryer on, she loves to push the button.  Oh, Ruth Anne is also in charge of taking the lint to the trash.
I have not taught anyone how to fold yet.  DH wants the boys to learn also.  That is on the list of things to train them to do. 

Levi cleans the bathroom.  I am looking for non toxic cleaners so I will feel a little better about him doing this.  He does a great job of putting everything away and keeping the sink wiped down.  I need to teach him how to clean the toilet next. 

David is very behind in where I want him to be.  He is distracted easily when it comes to cleaning.  He is my oldest and yet he is not the help that Levi and Rebekah are.  I need to remind myself that it is not his fault.  I did not train him when he would look at the chores as games.  Oh well.  I am learning.  He is going through a book called, Contenders For the Faith, and that is helping some.  Right now I am working on character building with him.

The house is coming along nicely.  It will soon be time to start supper.  It is so good to have DH home.


FoggyMountainFarm said...

What a blessing it is to have little ones that will help do their part around the home with chores and good for you for training them in such.

If you are looking for non-toxic homemade cleaner recipes, feel free to check out my blog entry of

(sorry .. I don't know how to link something in a comment yet).

There's recipes for homemade powdered laundry soap, floor cleaners, window cleaners, and more.



Brownsmichelle said...

I am coming over to check it out. I love having the little ones help but I do not like the idea of them using harsh cleaners.

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