Monday, April 3, 2006

The Lord will provide



Dear Friends,

When we went to bed on Saturday night we had no idea what the Lord would have in store for us.  My DH is looking for a church to minister in.  It is very hard upon a man when he knows the Lord has called him to preach and he is not given the opportunities that he desires.  Until last Sunday we had been holding services in our home and yet one family does not make a church.  So we had decided to attened another church until such time as the Lord provides a church for us to minister in.  Well we received a phone call at midnight from my FIL who is also a pastor.  He was asking Ben to take over services for the day because he was ill.  I told my DH it is so wonderful to see God provide a place for him to preach the first Sunday we were not having church in our home.  It was such a blessed Lord's day for our family.  I am so proud of my DH.  He is a preacher that is willing to take a stand and let people know what God wants them to do.  So many churches preach a generic gospel or no gospel at all and that displeases the Lord greatly. 


The children behaved wonderfuly in church.  My FIL's church believes in age segregated worship and we do not so the children are always being watched closely in service to see if they misbehave.  I love my children dearly and the did so wonderfuly.  I was very proud of them. 


We were also able to council a young christian lady about a situation that she is going through currently.  It is a situation that my DH and I have gone through personally and dealt with.  She opened up and talked and talked.  I think it makes a big difference to someone to know that you have been there done that and came through a better person.  Please pray for her as she is struggling so very much.  It was a blessing to be a blessing.  She kept apologizing and saying she did not want to be a burden and I told her we are there to bear one anothers burdens.  That is what a church family is for.  I miss having people to minister to and was thankful that the Lord had a at the church at just the right time.  God's timing is always perfect.


OurLittleHomestead said...

What a wonderful blessing!


glenda said...

Oh what a blessing...Congrats to your dear husband..

god bless


crewchief said...

I'm so glad your hubby got to preach. My hubby is going through the same situation. He is feeling led to start a ministry at our local college, but there are some obstacles. It is hard when people stand in the way of what he knows he is being called to do. I'm glad you enjoyed your Sunday. I'll keep praying for your hubby to have opportunties, and you please remember mine as well. ((HUGS))

BTW--I completely agree with you on how most people preach anymore. Sad, isn't it?

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