Wednesday, April 5, 2006

A good and full day


Well we have had a great day at our home today.  I have been reading in the evenings and was convicted of some things that have been going on in my life that spill over into the home.  I have been very resentful of the children for different reasons and it makes for a very tense home life.  I have given it over to God and I am so glad that He is willing to help us and make up for our faults. 


Today started as normal and I was not going to have a normal day.  It involves fussing and crying on both mom and childrens parts.  Well, while I did dishes and all the children were trying to occupy themselves in the kitchen I made up some bubbles, put a little bit in lids for each child and gave them a straw.  Oh they had a wonderful time.  It was so neat to see them playing, close to mama.  After the fun of that wore off I add food coloring to the bubble mixture and dumped it on the table. DH just bought us a round vinyl table.  They had fun playing in it and making shapes.


After chores and school were finished we made slime and had a wonderful time playing together with it.  All the while the contractors put up two of the three walls for my new living room which praise the Lord is directly off of the kitchen, or grand central station as I call it.  It will be wonderful to have a place for the children to be while I am busy in the kitchen. 


I also made up some toothpaste and tried to make cold cream today.  I do not know what I did wrong with the cold cream but it did not turn out right.  Guess I will have to try again.


Well I pray you all have as good of day as I have and have a restful night.



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glenda said...

As far as your cold cream goes. What recipe did you use. I know i have one that works every time. It is great.. Just make sure when you mix the two liquid ingredents together you mix mix mix.. It is very important to make sure you get the mixture mixed up just the right amount. And then you have to allow it to cool...


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