Friday, January 19, 2007

A Dr.'s visit for Miss Sweet Pea

We took her in actually on a fluke.  We do not do the well baby visits as they just are an annoyance and I can tell when my baby is sick or not.  We took her in because she is not hearing out of one ear.  The Dr. does not know how to test her as she is to old for the one type of test and to young for the other.  Nothing physical is wrong so he is going to call some colleges and see where to go from here.  She is also having some eye problems but they will be able to check that out for us.  It is kind of frustrating to not be able to find out what is going on.  The Dr. said that normally they do not detect deafness, especially in one ear this early on.  We just played around with her with a friend who is studying to be a nurse and she was snapping her fingers behind and to each side of Sweet Pea.  Sweet Pea would turn her head when you snap to the left but not the right.  If we had not done that I do not know how long it would have taken until we found out.  But nothing is confirmed one way or the other.  She is the sweetest little baby.  So happy and content. 

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kimmie said...

praying for you all there.

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