Friday, December 18, 2009

Tis The Season

To any of you who actually read my blog, I am so sorry that I haven't been over here more often.
With all 8 children it is a busy life at our home. We have been adjusting to life with an infant again and this infant is a colicky baby. Poor thing is fussy alot. But we all are learning to live with that.
Our home is being tidied up and decorated for the Christmas season. I have a playlist of Christmas songs and as each song comes up the children and I see who can guess the song first. The 5yo is getting very good at this game.
I have suprises up my sleeve for the children and can not wait till Christmas morning.
Looking forward to getting some great photos!!


Grammy Blick said...

Just continue doing what you do so well -- those of us who stop by will continue to do so, too. Have a bless Christmas celebration and may the coming year be even better than before.

PS -- it's been 47 years, but I can still relate to that colicky baby!!

Stephanie said...

I just found your blog and I can tell I will find a lot of encouragment here. Thank you for taking the time to share your heart and wisdom here for others. Merry Christmas!

Mrs. White said...

Enjoy the children while they are young. Don't ever feel you must post here. Just share your "visits" when you have time.

Mrs. White in Vermont

Sharon said...

Enjoy your children! They grow so fast. We'll keep coming by to check on you to see if you've had a chance to post something. :) Have a blessed New Year!

Shubhangi said...

Its nice to see You back.Nice post as always.

Wishing you wonderful Christmas and prosperous new year.

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Sandra Wald said...

Hello & Happy New Year! I just found your blog, and it's beautiful. I enjoyed visiting & looking around here. Looking forward to your next post.

Ginger said...

Praying that you soon will have some downtime:) Life is busy with just 4 children, I can not imagine 8, though I would love to have that many!

Ronda said...

Good Morning my friend,

Such a blessed and busy life you have.

Never appologize to those of whom are your friends here in blog land.
We understand, and we celebrate the blessings and joys, and all that goes with having a large, busy, and blessed family.

Come back to your blog as God grants time to do so.

We will ALL still be here.

Love & Prayers,

Jack said...

i just found your blog very nice!!!

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Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

After a break from the computer, I've finally been able to check back in with you.

I pray y'alls Christmas was blessed and 2010 brings abundant joy.

One of my babies was also colically, my heart goes out to you. I pray this passes quickly.

the other Mrs.B

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